Certified Sustainable

All of our products are certified to our highest sustainability standards as well as 3rd party certifications including FSC® 100% Recycled. Ethica Wood® is a US Green Building Council member organization.

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  • Earth Care

    At Ethica, our commitment to the Earth goes beyond sustainability–it's regenerative. Our operations are powered by 100% solar and biodiesel. Our wood is reclaimed and our paints and oils are 100% natural, lowering your project's carbon footprint and creating healthy environments. We’re not just minimizing harm; we’re actively contributing to ecological regeneration and preservation.

  • People Care

    We believe that good design should be inclusive and beneficial to all. That's why we've simplified the design, procurement, and implementation process, making it seamless for you and your clients. Our personalized customer service ensures you're supported every step of the way, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: creating spaces that enhance human well-being.

  • Future Care

    Our vision extends into the future, ensuring that we're leaving a world worth inheriting. Our wall paneling is not only FSC Certified, but also compliant with the Living Product Challenge, setting a standard for equity and responsible material sourcing. By choosing Ethica, you are not just designing for today. You are contributing to a more equitable and healthy future.

Restaurant with rich Ethica multi-colored wood paneling

Regenerartive by Design

Transform interiors with wall paneling that's not just green, but regenerative. Elevate design while prioritizing health with 100% non-toxic, abundant materials.

Our Products
Recalimed Douglas fir wood floor paneling

Uncompromising Standards

  • Regenerative Materials for Positive Ecological Impact
  • Customizable Finishes for Design Versatility
  • Streamlined In-house Procurement for Time Efficiency
  • Zero On-site Fossil Fuel Energy for a Greener Footprint
  • Zero-waste product: 100% Biodegradable & Recyclable
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